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Dr Collen Zalengera PhD MIET (Head of Department)
Dr Collen Zalengera holds a PhD in Renewable Energy and an Msc (with Distinction) in Renewable Energy Systems Technology obtained from Loughborough University, England (United Kingdom) in 2015 and 2010 respectively. His BSc degree is in Electrical Engineering (with distinction) obtained from the University of Malawi in 2007. He is an interdisciplinary researcher focusing, among others, on diffusion of innovations, sustainable livelihoods, and renewable energy development. Dr Collen Zalengera has played major roles in design and delivery of a number of internationally funded community renewable energy projects in Malawi and Mozambique. In 2011, Dr Collen Zalengera was a team member of the World Engineers’ Convention Young Engineers’ 2nd Prize Winning Project, “Sustainable and Energy Efficient Development in Informal Settlements in Mozambique, presented at the World Engineer’s Convention in Geneva, Switzerland.In the Department of Energy Studies, his teaching and research interest is in Solar Photovoltaics, Wind Power, Environmental Management, Energy Modelling, Energy Systems Integration, and Sustainable Livelihood Approaches. Dr Collen Zalengera also heads the Renewable Energy Innovations Research Group. Before Joining Mzuzu University in 2007, Dr Collen Zalengera had worked in the IT and manufacturing industry

Publications and Conference Presentations

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Zalengera, C.; Blanchard R. E.; Eames P.C. (2014) Putting the End-user First: Towards Addressing the Contesting Values in Renewable Energy Systems Deployment for Low-income Households - A Case of Likoma Island in Malawi. Paper presented at the 2014 UNESCO Tech4Dev International Conference. What is Essential? EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland. 4-6 June 2014. Abstract available from: (full paper is being peer-reviewed for a chapter in a book on energy for development to be published by the Springer-Verlag)

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Zalengera, C. (2012). Delivery Mechanisms for Household-Based Renewable Energy Systems: Experiences from Zatuba in Malawi. Poster Presentation at the 1st Low Carbon Energy Development Network Conference; 4th-5th April 2012. Loughborough University, Loughborough United kingdom. (won a second prize in the poster competition at the conference)

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Leyel, Y.; Slukan, V.; Zalengera, C. et al. (2011). Sustainable and Energy Efficient Development for Informal Settlements in Mozambique. Young Engineers’ Project Conference Paper, 2011 World Engineers’ Convention- Engineers Power the world, 4-9 September 2011, Geneva, Switzerland.(won a second prize in the the category of young engineers' projects)

Zalengera, C. (2011). Community Energy Solutions Examples in Malawi: Renewable Energy as an Option for Rural Electrification. Presentation at the Malawi-Scottish Partnership Energy Conference, 4th April, 2011, Sunbird Capital Hotel, Malawi

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Zalengera, C. (2010) Sustainable Livelihood Approach in Spearheading Science & Technology and Empowering the Youth, Presentation at the Commonwealth Scholars Science and Technology Network Conference, 11th -14th March 2010 at Cumberland lodge in London, United Kingdom.