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The Test & Training Centre for Renewable Energy Technologies (TCRET) was established in 2003, as a project with funding from UNDP through the Barrier Removal to Renewable Energy in Malawi (BARREM) Project.

The main objectives of the TCRET are:
(i) To provide training in Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) at certificate level in order to build sufficient human capacity ably to plan, design, install and maintain renewable energy technologies in Malawi;
(ii) To provide certificate level training to policy makers to enable informed decision-making in issues of RETs;
(iii) To provide quality assurance testing services to both the public and private sector of all renewable energy technologies before installation in Malawi;
(iv) To provide consultancy services to both local and international organizations in RETs to enable them achieve the intended purpose for investing in these technologies; and
(v) To coordinate research activities in renewable energy with local RET industries, and regional and international RET institutions in order to promote generation of energy from renewable resources.

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