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Dr Collen Zalengera (Lecturer/Head of Department)
Dr Arnold M. Juma (Senior Lecturer)
Mr Kondwani. T. Gondwe (Lecturer)
Mr Maxon L. Chitawo (Lecturer)
Mr Chrispin Gogoda (Assistant Lecturer)
Mr Timeyo Maroyi (Assistant Lecturer)
Mrs Caroline Jesimani (Secretary)
Mr Aunsame Mwandira (Testing Technician)
Mr Samuel Gomani (Training Technician)
Ms Coryter Pangala (Office Assistant)

Mr Kondwani. T. Gondwe (Lecturer)
Mr Kondwani. T. Gondwe holds an MEngSc in Sustainable Energy obtained in 2008 from the University College Cork, Ireland. His BSc is in Electrical Engineering obtained in 2000 from the University of Malawi.Before Joining Mzuzu University in 2003, Mr Kondwani. T. Gondwe had worked in the manufacturing industry, and in the civil service as Director of District Public works.In the Department of Energy Studies, his teaching and research interest is in Geothermal, Wave, Tidal, Wind, Energy Modelling, and Workshop Technology and Practice. Mr Kondwani. T. Gondwe also heads the Thermal Energy Systems Research Group.

Publications and Conference Presentations

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