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The Department of Energy Studies was established in September 2004 as a second department in the Faculty of Environmental Sciences at Mzuzu University. Its establishment emanates from the analysis done in 1998 by the Malawi Government through the National Sustainable and Renewable Energy Programme (NSREP) in the Department of Energy Affairs, which identified lack of institutional training in Renewable Energy Technologies (RETs) as a major challenge for the development of renewable energy in Malawi.

The department offers a Bachelor of Science degree programme which aims to provide knowledge in planning, designing, installation, and maintenance and sustainable management of renewable energy technologies. The courses on specific renewable energy technologies include solar photovoltaics, hydropower including wave and tidal power, geothermal, wind and biomass.The course addresses essential elements of standalone, hybrid, offgrid and grid-connected renewable energy systems. Energy Policy and Environmental Management courses are also included in the BSc programme offered by the Department of Energy Studies at Mzuzu University